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More than 200 years of Johnstown’s history with education, recreation, community service and arts opportunities.

Greenhouse Seminars

Are you thinking about spring?
Do you have questions about what plants to grow? 
Need some landscaping solutions?
Want to create an attractive, colorful landscape plan with bulbs?
Want to learn how to prune and put your garden to bed for the winter?

Learn about native plants, tropical plants, houseplants, herb and vegetable gardening.  What produce is grown in other countries and how to use herbs in your cooking.

Take home projects you made during the workshops.

Learn about local history and how it factored in the growth of our nation.

We have the answers at Sandyvale Memorial Gardens and Conservancy.  Sessions and workshops are offered at the Sandyvale Greenhouse located at 80 Hickory Street Johnstown, PA 15902 across from the Auto Zone.

The sessions on varied topics are held by Master Gardeners, horticultural specialists, garden clubs, landscape architects, environmentalists, nature journalists and other presenters on local history and world cultures.  Join us for these exciting and informative sessions.


See the event calendar for all event details>>

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