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More than 200 years of Johnstown’s history with education, recreation, community service and arts opportunities.

Sandyvale Wine Festival 2023

ONLINE TICKET SALES END 10AM 9/9/2023.  PLEASE PURCHASE TICKETS AT THE GATE. Sandyvale Wine Festival - Sept. 9, 2023: 2 pm-7 pm Site Location: 80 Hickory Street Johnstown, PA 15902 Mailing Address: PO Box 41 Johnstown, PA 15907 Use discount…

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Seminar #4 – The Wonderful World of Houseplants

Nothing makes a house a home like indoor greenery, and with the outstanding new introductions things couldn't be easier.  Horticulturalist, Ron McIntosh, will help us learn how to keep your plants happy and healthy all year long through proper care…

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Seminar #3 – Composting 101

Turn your kitchen scrapes into gold!  Sue Konvolinka, Penn State Extension Certified Master Gardener, will show you how to compost and feed your garden and plants for free.  In the workshop following the seminar, you will choose a plant and…

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Seminar #2 – The Best Garden Ever!

With rising food costs and availability there's no better time to start a vegetable garden or grow your best garden ever.  Horticulturalist, Ron McIntosh, will cover everything from choosing the right plant varieties for our area, to planting, fertilizing, weed…

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Special Event – Sandyvale Annual Plug Fest

During this special event, on April 1st, 2023, attendees will learn how to transplant plant plugs (over 10,000 seedlings) into six packs.  Come join the fun in a working greenhouse.  We work between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.  Come whenever…

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